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Yes, GoWaterless product is developed in such a way that it can clean any level of dirt without any damage or without using a single drop of water.

Our product can clean the engine side also can clean the underbody by lifting the car.

We give a 100% guarantee that our product will not bring any scratch or damage the paint.

City which has upto 5 lac population. We will give entire city.

Above 5 lacs we will give 1 complete pincode.

You will hire staff, and the company will provide them with 7-10 days of training at the Pune Training Center.

The company will make all expenses of Travel, Food & Stay.

The company can help you in advertising for staff hiring. All applications received for the job will be shared with the Franchise to conduct an Interview and do the selection.

You can hire 3 category of manpower.

Those who do have cycle of 2 wheeler can be utilized to clean cars in 500 meters radius.

Those who have cycle can serve 1 km radius.

Those who have 2 wheeler can serve beyond 2 km.

₹ 8000-12,000 per month.

Franchise will pay the salary from the earnings that is made from the customer.

NO, any person can take our Franchise. We have 19 year college going student who is our franchise, Bank Managers, Software Engineers, 75 Year old uncle, House wifes etc.. are owing & managing our franchise.

Yes. You can do business in any name.

Yes. We can decide the investment for the Master Franchise by evaluating the potential of your area.

The charges will be decided by the Franchise according to the market price.

On an average ₹ 199 for Exterior Cleaning & ₹ 299 for Exterior + Interior Cleaning.
Monthly Package starts from ₹ 600 per month per car.

Your 100% involvement is not required. You just need to appoint a family member or a supervisor to mage the day to day working. You can keep eye on the overall business & financials.

Yes, you can join us Business Associate & appoint franchises for us. In each conversion you will get a payout.

All support that is required to operate the Franchise Business.


Company will give FREE training of 7-10 Days at PUNE Training Centre.

On the first training we give the training to the Franchise owner too. Next time you don’t need to depend on us; you can train the new staff. If it requires company will provide the training in PUNE again.

You will get bookings both on Mobile App or directly on call from the customer, what ever booking you get offline; you will feed those customer details on the Franchise App. So that all the data is centralized for us to do retargeting & send promotional messages to the customers.

Generating Leads will be mutual efforts of both of us.
Local level Marketing, Pamphlet Distribution, Society Visits & Demo will be the responsibility of the Franchise.

National level Brand Building Activity, Press & Media Coverage, Influencer Marketing & Youtuber Collaboration will be the responsibility of the company.

What ever leads come to us from your Pincode that will be sent to you on your Franchise App.

Similarly the leads you get directly has to be entered into the Franchise App. So that all customer data is maintained centrally & can be used for promotions & re targeting.

🅾️ ZERO Royalty.
🅾️ ZERO Revenue sharing.

No, Franchise fee is non-refundable.

Yes, there is renewal of the franchise in 3 years with a small nominal renewal cost.
₹ 15,000 to 50,000 + GST

NO, you will be authorised to work only in the area that you have been committed by the company.

Yes, 10% Discount is applicable from 2nd Franchise onwards.

Yes it can be transferred with prior permission from the company.

Yes, you can shift to another viable location with prior permission from the company.

You can have a 100 sq ft office space for the staff to sit & keep your material.

We do not require any service station as our service is at customer’s doorstep.

For walkin customers you can have space near the office so that the car can be parked there & get cleaned.
As we do not require water, our cleaning can be done any where.

Even if you take office in 1st floor will also be fine.

Yes, we will provide you with Flex Sign Board & Roller standee.

After payment in 15 Days we can start the Franchise.

The material will get dispatched in 3 Days.

It takes 7 to 12 Days to reach your location.

Between these period we will get your Staff training done & get Ad Material printed.


If you still have Questions in mind, then we can connect on call to discuss in detail & clear all your doubts. Contact us.